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 +===== GSoC coding @ AfRA =====
 +We want to meet at AfRA to code for GSoC 2013!
 +The first (organization) meetup will be on Friday, June 7th, at 8pm. We want to talk about the details:
 +  * Who will bring equipment (e.g., large monitors, keyboards)
 +    * jaseg considers buying a large (27") monitor and a Unicomp keyboard
 +    * There are two broken IBM Model Ms
 +  * When will we meet for coding
 +    * Perhaps mark the weekdays you would have time: [[https://​dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/​97yul4m5/​]]
 +  * What drinks and food we have to buy
 +  * Best practices.
 +Currently, jaseg, gnrp and lynxis want to participate. You are welcome to join!