Room 3.07


In the listed former "Magarinewerke Berlolina" (roughly translated: "Margarine Plants Berolina") in Herzbergstraße 55 romms of various sizes in the front-building and factory building are to let (have a look at the website). We have room 3.07 on the third floor of the factory building rented for 207.77€ per month for 26.4sqm warm (including fees for the building's WLAN). The foor is an old PVC floor that was patched at a few places and that rolls up at the edges. The room has two double-glazed windows facing east. There are four electric sockets that are fused with 10A, the fuse box is on the hallway.

  • Deposit: 3 basic rents, that corresponds to 316€
  • Length of lease: unlimited, 3 months cancellation period, a move to a bigger room is possible without period of notice; the conveyance of the contract to the yet-to-be-founded registered assembly will not pose a problem.
  • Electricity expenses are included in the rent, the electricity usage is averaged over all tenants.
  • Storage rooms: 2,50€/sqm in the cellar
  • 24/7 access: yes
  • There are clean toilets, a tea kitchen is currently being built. There is no shower in the factory building.
  • use of the yard: yes
  • keys: we have four keys for the steet door (master key system, more can be made by the house management for 8€ original cost per key) and four keys for the room.
  • Sign: yes, cost for plotting will be about 9€
  • Waste disposal: refuse containers, some of which are labelled "commercial waste" are on the yard.
  • Elevator: no


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Herzbergstraße 55 is reachable via tram M8, 21, 37 and via bus 256, stop Herzbergstraße/Siegfriedstraße. One may get to room 3.07 best via staircase B. The street door is sticking and needs to be opened with vigor. The room is on the third floor in the left aisle behind the third door on the right side.

Details on the floor plan

  • calculated internal dimensions of the room (illars not excluded): 23.82sqm
  • Height of the doorframe: 2.035m
  • Width of the doorframe: 0.97m
  • Height of the door opening: 1.955m
  • Width of the door opening: 0.815m
  • Radius of the light switch: 0.04m
  • Height of of the light switch (center) above the floor: 1.125m
  • (shorter) distance of the light switch (center) from the wall: 0.915m
  • the light switch is left of the entrance door
  • Height of the receptacles (lower edge) from the floor: 0.4m
  • Distance between floor and window (lower edge): 0.825m
  • Distance between ceiling and window (upper edge): 0.175m

Our search for a room is documented here.