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07.06.2013: Algorithmic Music in a Box
14.06.2013: The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk

Wednesdays from 20:00h: Assembly
Fridays from 20:00h room 3.07: Talks
Fridays from 20:00h room 3.08: Open Hacking night


You can contact us via


Herzbergstraße 55
10365 Berlin

Getting there

Tram M8, 21, 37, Bus 256
Stop Herzbergstr./Siegfriedstr.

The Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung (AFRA) is a smoke-free hackerspace in Berlin. Its name "AfRA" is the german version of "department of redundancy department", or "DoRD" for short.

Registered wiki users may have a look at internal internal information here. Accounts are available via zeltophil.

Current space status (open/closed): (has caching problems, to see the current status reload this page bypassing your browser cache (shift-F5 or similar, see your browser documentation))