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 +===== Seminar Friday =====
 +Every month on the 1st and 3rd (and, when there is one, 5th) friday beginning 20:00 we will show talks from conferences like e.g. the Chaos Communication Congress or the Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting or when we are more like relaxing, demos. Every 2nd and 4th Friday beginning 20:00 we provide a platform for [[vortraege:​|talks]]. Some of the talks are in German, some in English, some might be both. If you are interested but can not understand german, just ask in the IRC beforehand.
 +==== Program ====
 +Have a look at [[Vortragsfreitag:#​Programm|the german version of this page]].
 +==== Program proposals ====
 +What talk do we seriously need to watch? What talk did you miss at the congress and want to catch up on in a sociable round? Please enter your proposals on [[Vortragsfreitag:#​Programmvorschläge|the german version of this page]].