Kookie Cubic i3 CYBER

This printer is a chinese i3 clone: Anycubic i3 Mega.

If you have trouble with this printer, please check this page first. If you have issues and manage to resolve them, please add them to this wiki.

  • Good fillament temperature: 220 C
  • Good bed temperature: 75 C

Printing with SD card

Please create a directory on the card to keep your files in to make it easier for others to find their stuff

Printing with octoprint

Supported and configured!

Go to http://octopi/ in the afra-local network. Use the following settings:

  • Port: ttyUSB0
  • Baudrate: AUTO
  • Profile: anycubic

The printer will make a startup sound when octoprint connects to it. If it does not you have selected the wrong tty!