Plenum vom 03.07.2019

Anwesende: lexi, segfault, Gyrosgeier, endocrimes, tobias, f2k1de
Protokollant*: bibor

Beginn: 20:15
Ende: 20:58

TOP 0: Followup

TOP 0.1 Afra-Hghlands {ciko}

⇒ vertagt, keiner da

TOP 0.2 Rackspace {lexi, lynxis}

  • no news
  • lynxis is in charge

⇒ vertagt

TOP 0.3 Datenschleuder {zelttopil, lynxis}

  • internet gossip says:
    • sva wants to dump the boxes in the afra
    • did someone talk to her?!

⇒ Gyrosgeier talks to sva

TOP 0.4 Planung Camp {Camp Interest Group}

  • Afra village planning is on the way
  • self organized transportation, etc..
  • will cost moneyz!!
    • ~1000€
    • please donate money "bevorzugt für events"
  • We need to know how many people are coming

⇒ segfault will start a pad

  => mail to the list with ^
* spaghetti domes were built (for science)

TOP 0.5 Gartenmöbel {bibor, spacekookie}

  • spacekookie promised a table!
    • no table in afra at the moment
    • tables might spontaniously materialise at a later date
  • ladder needs to stay in the kitchen for garden access


  • MV is on July 26th
  • Wir brauchen einen Vorstand
    • lexi macht weiter
    • ein weiterer vorstand steht zur wahl
    • und ein kassenwart
      • sefi würde unterstützen
  • wer möchte?
    • wieder keiner?
    • ich hatte gesagt ich könnte es mir vorstellen (spacekookie)
      • kassenwart? Vorstand. :(

TOP 2: Fleisch/Essensreste {f2k1de}

  • there was half-eaten döner on the table
  • it was the second time with rotten food in the afra
  • what the fuck is wrong with people?!
  • plz dont

⇒ f2k1de writes angry mail

TOP 3: Schlapphutpolicy

TOP 4: "AfRA Dashboard"

  • there is a dashboard near the bookshelf
  • humidity
  • temperature
  • please let it plugged-in

⇒ will be stickered