Plenum vom 04.03.2020

Anwesende: Lexi, bibor, lynxis, codezero, GyrosGeier, Vision, Mitch, Tobias, DysphoricUnicorn, CherryKitten (+2 Gäste)
Protokollant: Tobias

Beginn: 20:16 Uhr
Ende: 20:55 Uhr

TOP 0: Followup

TOP 0.1: AfRA-Ops Serverinfrastruktur (Lexi)

  • nothing happened last month
  • the financial question was raised
  • colocating hardware turned out to not be a reasonable option
  • a dedicated server can be had at hetzner or others for approximately 40€/month
  • it was decided to get a dedicated server unless the treasurer (@spacekookie) says we can't afford it.

TOP 0.2: AfRA-Accessibility (Vision)

  • an improptu meeting of about 4 people happened
  • the sitting area was rearranged; the changes are met with general delight and agreement
  • additional idea: two level light system, cosy colorful light and bright but dimmable light for cleaning etc.
  • general rule: If some change is reasonably reversible just do it.

TOP 1: Spontanes

TOP 2: Internetvertrag erweitern (lynxis)

  • the internet connection could be upgraded
  • currently this is a normal business contract with Deutsche Telekom
  • Aktuell VDSL 50 mbit = ~50 Euro/monat
  • Ziel VDSL 250 mbit = 60 Euro
  • WiFi might be limiting → lan exists and router can be upgraded
  • tv cable internet provider discussed, disadvantages: availability unclear and shared connection
  • it was decided to spend up to 15€/month more on faster internet.

TOP 3: Der Schlüssel zur redundanten Welt

Der Schlüssel zur redundanten Welt. Wer bekommt einen Schlüsser und was bedeutet das? (lynxis)
(The key to the redundant world. Who gets a key and what does that mean?)

Aktuell ist es nicht ganz klar, wer einen Schlüssel bekommt. Was bedeutet es einen Schlüssel zu haben?
(Currently it's not entirely clear who gets to have a key. What does it mean to have a key?)

  • Based on which criterias should keys be distributed?
  • up to now the board decided informally
  • proposal: plenum needs to decide on every key
  • advantages:
    • key seekers need to be reasonably familiar/known
    • key seekers get to know the decision organ of the club
  • disadvantages:
    • potentially up to a month delay
    • higher effort & formalised
  • becoming a member used to involve a kind of check (does somebody know you)
  • key and membership are somewhat decoupled, it's possible to have a key without being a member
  • Mitch explains how keys worked at Noisebridge, in a more challenging environment
  • question of liability: not a problem, don't set fire to the space
  • it was decided that getting a key should be approved by the plenum
  • exceptions can be made, but those should be documented on the mailing list
  • bibor will document this process on the wikis how to get a key page

TOP 4: Lightning Talk Evening (Bibor)

  • the response to the doodle in the mail was underwhelming,
  • some delayed/confused responses though so there will be a second try