Protocol writer: Mitch
Start: 20:00
End: 20:30
Attendance: lux, multi, nest, nikky, yaya, yuka, zotan, antonia, mitch, yyrsinn

TOP 0: Followup

HowTo: Plenumsprotokoll (bibor)

  • ⇒ Noone is present who can talk about this

Übersetzung Schlüsselvertrag (zotan/segfault/kunsi)

  • Here are the results of how to close AfRA and the Schlüsselvertrag (key contract): → pad
  • zotan says: PDF available, will update wiki
  • (Also fixed the he/she thing in the german version a fun way)
  • Action Item: zotan/segfault/kunsi will update the Wiki, thanks!
  • zotan: done. → wiki

TOP 1: Keymasters

  • We decided that we will have 3 Keymasters
  • they will keep track of who has what kind of key
  • they should introduce new keymembers to the shutdown/opening procedures
  • they will issue keys (physical, SSH, RFID)
  • People willing to become Keymasters:
    • Lux, Yuka, Nikky
  • Decision: Lux, Yuka, Nikky are our new Keymasters
  • Action Item: The Keymasters need to find out how to do their job
  • they will get together and come to a consensus on this, and add it to the wiki and report back at a Plenum after they are finished so everyone knows things are cool.