Protocol writer: zotan
Start: 20:07
End: 20:56
Attendance: zotan, nikky, marco, yrrsinn, spacekookie, SEGFAULT, lux, nest, hexchen (text-only)

TOP 0: Followup

Followup: The Keymasters need to find out how to do their job (nikky, lux, yuka)

  • The keymasters have partially found out to do their job
  • They got access today (2022-02-02) to the lock and can do final investigations
  • They can then start to do their job
  • lux: How public should the list of keyholders be?
  • zotan: internal wiki (i.e. keeping it as-is) is fine
  • zotan: internal list should list type of key (physical or rfid/ssh) and who has remote access to fix the lock when it breaks
  • Wooo \o/

Followup: new Key policy additions and transition period (bibor)

  • The draft referenced: Pad
  • Please read the pad
  • spacekookie: Put it on the mailing list first
  • Plenum said nothing against the pad as written
  • ⇒ Go-ahead, bibor puts it into the wiki as provisional and will send it to the mailing list for further issue-raising til next plenum, when it will stop being provisional if no issues are raised

TOP 1: Afra finances lite (spacekookie)

  • Spacekookie gives some overview.
  • We have data for December 2021, no data for 2022 yet.
  • Soon more data will be avaliable, after taxes are done.
  • We're not allowed to keep more then 10% of yearly income.
  • We already almost hit this 2018 and 2019.
  • We're allowed to keep more, if we public announce this beforehand and then only use it for this.
  • December 2021: start 7545.80 EUR, end 7883.03 EUR
    • Expenses: 565.90 EUR
    • Income: 903.13 EUR
    • Not Listed: Electricity Bill(approx. 60 EUR)
  • TL;DR: we have too much money.

TOP 2: Money for curtains (Lux)

  • 250€ for Curtains
  • We have an experimental setup for curtains as room dividers
  • ⇒ No objections

TOP 3: New keys

SEGFAULT (old -> new key)

  • ⇒ Lux and Bibor vouched for SEGFAULT

marco (old -> new key)

  • ⇒ SEGFAULT and yrrsinn vouch for marco

nikky (keymaster)

  • ⇒ SEGFAULT and lux vouched for nikky

zotan (recommendations)

  • ⇒ SEGFAULT and nikky vouch for zotan
  • Spacekookie and Nest leave the plenum 20:36

TOP 4: HowTo: Plenumsprotokoll (bibor)

  • bibor arrived at plenum at about 20:30 so this got moved to the bottom of the TOP list
  • There is a wiki page explaining how to do protocols: https://www.afra-berlin.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=plenum&s[]=protokolle
  • ⇒ The person in charge of writing the protocol
    • needs to put wiki-syntax into the wiki
    • should also reference the template for decisions and stuff
    • should not write down discussions in detail