Protocol writer: zotan
Start: 20:00
End: 20:48
Attendance: zotan, nikky, kunsi, daria, yrrsinn, SEGFAULT, spacekatia, Morn_, codezero

TOP 0: Followup

Followup: new Key policy additions and transition period (bibor)

  • provisional
  • has it been sent to the mailing list?
  • have any issues been raised on the mailing list?
  • ⇒ no complaints have been raised

Followup: Status of the new Keys (keymasters)

  • did everything work?
  • nikky was there yesterday
  • lock worked properly using ssh
  • adding ssh keys works
  • rfid tokens haven't been figured out yet

TOP 1: wiki masters? (SEGFAULT, Lux)

⇒ postponed till lux is back

TOP 2: New keys

kunsi (old -> new key)

⇒ zotan and yrrsinn vouch for kunsi, approved

daria (old -> new key)

⇒ zotan and kunsi vouch for daria, approved

spacekatia (old -> new key)

⇒ nikky and SEGFAULT vouch for spacekatia, approved

Morn_ (old -> new key)

⇒ SEGFAULT and codezero vouch for Morn_, approved

TOP 3: new covid rules berlin (Yrrsinn)

  • There are new rules
  • 2G+ still mandatory?
    • two_gee_plus = (num_vacciations >= (current_negative_schnelltest?2:3));
  • AfRA was previously under 2G for private meetups
  • Plenum has consensus on "upgrading" to 2G+
  • Someone has to put up signs for 2G+
  • SEGFAULT and zotan will do it on monday
  • Reminder: we are still not allowed to organize events!