Protocol writer: nikky, zotan
Start: 20:00
End: 21:24
Attendance: Lux, nikky, stephie, zotan, mitch, codezero, Yrrsinn

TOP 0: Followup

Followup: Status of the new Keys (keymasters)

TOP 1: International Hackerspace Open Day (mitch)


  • 26.03. saturday
  • hygenic rules?
    • mitch and lux will invesitigate the rules
    • more people are welcome to join
    • plenum prefers 2G+ without (optional) masks
    • many people say we dont need/want to check ids but should check 2G+ certificates
    • there seems to be no strong argument for paper contact tracing
  • what can we do?
    • soldering workshop? (mitch)
    • lightning talks?
    • one or two longer (10-minute or 15-minute) talks?
    • bring-a-hack/demo projects
    • please bring ideas
  • we have 1 plenum before (18.03) to make a decision

TOP 2: Social media team (daria, yrrsinn)

  • we have social media accounts, we dont know who has access – how would one get access if they want to?
  • zotan has a Telegram channel that is a bot that posts open/closed updates as well as plenum announcements - https://t.me/afra_status
  • Perhaps someone could DM the AfRA Twitter account to ask and see if anyone is there.
  • lynxis can post/repost twitter
  • maybe lexi has the twitter account password

TOP 3: remote open procedure (zotan, yuka)

  • Should be the exception
  • Mainly for technical faults
  • Remote fix and remote open are not the same
  • Should be transparent (mailing list mail "hey i opened the door remotely because …")
  • Should it be allowed at all or do we not want to allow it at all?
  • Remote Unlock should always be an exception. Because rules can't cover it all
  • ⇒ Remote *fix* is acceptable, remote unlock is debated
  • ⇒ If you do it, write an email to the mailing list
  • ⇒ No overall consensus reached today → next plenum

TOP 4: New keys


nikky and zotan vouch for stephie – stephie gets a key

lynxis (old -> new key)

lux and codezero vouch for lynxis – lynxis gets a key