Protocol writers: zotan
Start: 20:17
End: 20:40
Attendance: zotan, nikky, lux, partikel, mitch, hexchen, nest

TOP -1: New keys


  • ⇒ vouched for by zotan, nikky


  • ⇒ vouched for by nikky, lux

TOP 0: Followup

Followup: Remote open procedure (zotan, yuka)

  • It should *always* be communicated if it happens (over the mailing list)
  • It should not happen often!
  • If the person is not a keyholder - it's not allowed unless there is an emergency situation, if they are, it is.
  • ⇒ If it becomes an issue we can discuss it again

Followup: Status of the new Keys (RFID tokens) (keymasters)

  • We were able to issue tokens, that are working.
  • ⇒ Whoever has a key, but not one from the new process, should *really* contact the keymasters if they want to keep their key

TOP 1: wiki masters? (SEGFAULT, Lux)

  • postponed to next plenum

TOP 2: social media team, afra edition (daria, yrrsinn)

  • postponed to next plenum

TOP 3: new keycontract proposal (lynxis)

  • postponed to next plenum

TOP 4: Tent for MCH 2022

  • MCH is happening this summer
  • People from AfRA are attending
  • We had an AfRA village at camp, we want an AfRA village at MCH
  • It is not possible to transport that many things from AfRA to MCH
  • There are large village tents to rent from MCH
  • The cheapest of these tents is 5x5 meters and costs about 800 euro including tables and chairs
  • lux wants to rent one of these, and wants half of the cost to be paid for by AfRA, and the other half by individuals
  • That would mean 400 euro paid for by AfRA
  • We need people to pay a bit
  • ⇒ If you are coming to MCH and want to chip in for this - send an email to lux@lux.name
  • Do we think AfRA should pay the other half?
  • ⇒ consensus reached, AfRA will pay 400 euro.