Protocol writers: lux
Start: 20:06
End: 21:17
Attendance: bibor, lynxis, nest, lux, arne, partikel,

TOP -1: New keys


  • arne is 3D printing
  • ⇒ vouched for by bibor, lynxis


  • partikel wants to organize movie nights
  • ⇒ vouched for by zotan, lux

TOP 1: new keycontract proposal (lynxis)

lynxis wants a simpler keycontract

The sentence "If the keyholder loses the key they are liable for all costs incurred as a result." might be removed. everything else is sane.

⇒ Action Item, lynxis will make a new keycontract and present it at the next plenum

TOP 2: do we need a new lock? (lux)

people we dont know have physical key. so we want to replace the lock. people argue for a bit a more expensive lock, to prevent copying by accident. lynxis propose to pay 100 euro for a new lock which has a keycard.

TOP 3: Getränke (lux)

Smaller drinks (0.33l) are sold for 1 euro which is very close to the price we pay for it. Everybody is fine with increasing the price to 1.5 euro. (small discussion about drinks and bottles). Discussion about the price in general and also the posblty to reduce it to 1.25. Could be discussed some late time with a different credit system.

TOP 4: May contain Hackers 22.July - 26.July (lux)

  • a lot of people are going to MCH
  • afra is organzing a village, if you come, please help organizing
  • we are still looking for donations to finance nice hacky things.
  • please contact lux for further informations

TOP 5: PA (aleix)

aleix asked to keep the PA at afra. do we want this? should be connected to the mpd there is a lot of stuff hacked together.

  • one speaker is hacked (might be repairable low, mid broken)
  • where to put the speaker is to be defined
  • The speakers/PA is quite powerful, the mixer would be "fixed" and locked away.
  • some mixer settings can break the hardware.
  • offer to explain the setup
  • volounter to create some free space
  • aleix would like to bring a ps2 and ps4
  • the PA will be put in some corner until next plenum, and a more concrete plan will be made

TOP 6: DJ stuff (nest)

Can be used with headphones, or any PA, or anything. The stuff is waterproof. People argue for a place / shelf space, and to keep tables free People want it here in a eurobox in a shelf. consensur: it will stay in afra, put in a eurobox, we find a nice place for it

Announcement 1:

Bibor will be here at 12th of June, next sunday, for cleaning and tidying up and hopefully more people show up to help