Protocol writer: zotan
Start: 20:25
End: 20:56
Attendance: zotan, mitch, lynxis, lux, partikel, till, dasha

TOP 1 - Drinks/money (Lux)

  • We have drinks in the AfRA
  • It should be self organized (separate from the AfRA legal entity) for legal reasons
  • Currently Vorstand is involved in this, we should change this
  • Lux suggests changing this
  • 1-3 members should manage the drinks money, to a certain point (500 euros maybe?), everything above gets donated to the AfRA once a year or so
  • Relatively small amount of money will be handled by the drinks volunteers
  • Lux would volunteer to do this, ideally with someone else
  • Mitch would help out as well
  • Plenum agrees, ⇒ lux and mitch will handle this from now on

TOP 2 - xC3 Berlin - Role of the AfRA space (zotan)

  • The big event ("xC3 Berlin") will be very expensive. Some people say 150 euros, some 300-500…
  • Nothing is clear yet, people are thinking about options
  • We should wait and see what happens
  • Accessibility money-wise is very important
  • If AfRA is supposed to be collaborating the event should be financially accessible via e.g. friends tickets to everyone
  • lynxis suggests a small and cheap/free event of just the berlin hackerspaces collaborating
  • lux would much rather have a smaller event, ~100-200 people, basically only the berlin hackerspace community with a no-mask event then a larger event with masks
  • If members want to come to AfRA and chill there in the duration, they can just do that.
  • ⇒ If members prefer this over the XC3 event, people can chill with music and Tschunk at the AfRA in the congress time period. (zotan will organize this if necessary)
  • ⇒ follow up with more details at next plenum!

to communicate to the xC3 orga:

  • AfRA suggests that the event should be financially accessible via e.g. friends tickets to everyone
  • Rather than one very large event (500-1000 people), many AfRA members would rather have a smaller event (aka less people, maybe 100-200, aka only the Berlin hackerspace community)
    • that would be free/accessible
    • that would maybe not require masks

TOP 3 - CCCamp 2023 - AfRA village? (lux)

  • Camp 2023 was announced.
  • interested members should start to get in touch with each other
  • we should make something nice happen.
  • ⇒ lux will create a matrix room