Protocol writer: lynxis
Start: 20:25
End: 2x:xx
Attendance: yrrsinn, lynxis, partikel, alyssa, erin, embr … [irl people (please fill out)], zotan, jana, yaya

TOP 1 - Plenum - do we want to exclude person from the Plenum? How to prevent such sitations?

  • The previous plenum had an exclusion of a person from the plenum that went against plenum guidelines, how can we resolve this in the future?
  • Neither the person who ask for exclusion nor the person who got excluded are present..
  • We focussed on the future and didn't tried to resolve the issue on the last plenum.
  • It is hard to ask a person to leave for an very important topic, even if its not about the person who should leave. If it such important, it will be also

import for the person to asked to leave.

  • We could create a plan to make it easier for person to speak up for a topic. Improve structure. So you can speak without interruption. Get a path forward how to handle it.
  • Create a list with available tools and guidelines.
  • We don't like rules. Rules won't match such special social situations.
  • We as human make mistakes.
  • The list of tools should be included in every plenums pad to easy remember and help us.

Non-binding vote:

  • Does anyone want to exclude someone because it has a serious problem. 0
  • Who don’t want to have a rules or process to exclude someone out. 3
  • There might be situation is the best thing to do but only when it’s urgent and can not be postpones and the person to be excluded doesn’t not have a stake into the topic and the plenum decide it. I don’t think we can do it without the issue. …
  • And the person is not be excluded from the following topic. Any topic can be relevant for you.


  • write a ToDo list with available guide and tools
  • Please ask someone to in the community to bring this topic up for you.
  • lynxis will try to summarize the guidelines from the topic

TOP 2 - Councillor / Mediator / Vertrauensperson

  • If we don't want to people to go with their problem to the Vorstand. We need to find a better way.
  • Have a list of volunteers. If you have a problems, ask one of the volunteer. So it's clear to go to whom.
  • The list of volunteers would lower the entry point to find help and solve social issues.
  • If you have a problem talk to people who you trust.
  • Or you don't know who to go? Go to one of the volunteers.
  • It wouldn't be particular job that only these people have. It is task for the whole community.
  • It is important to have multiple people who take care of social issues. A person can only do it until a certain degree and not something more.
  • It would be good to have training. Managing dispute in community. Having this should put people into the position to allow it better.
  • Everyone who want to do this can go. As a community have the understanding how to handle it.
  • Have a workshop and talks to learn and improve how to deal with it.
  • This is an important topic. The e.V. may pay for the workshop.
  • There are mediator training for small community groups.
  • Have guidelines as a hangout in the room.
  • On the hangout could also be a list of persons one can contact.
  • Everyone is allowed to add oneselve to the list of people to talk to.
  • We don't like the word awareness. We should name it different. Councillors might be a better match.
  • !action! we should ask around who knows people or organisation who can offer such workshops (mediator, dispute in small communities).
  • !action! create some guidelines what to do in case of dispute and also allow people to add yourself to ask if you don't know someone.
  • NEXT PLENUM: put this topic on it and maybe there is already a proposal.

TOP 3 - How to kick somone out of the AfRA (Hausrecht)

  • In the case of you are one of the person with a key and the german law Hausrecht and you have to kick (not ban) someone out of the AfRA for whatever reason. How to communicate it?
  • ML mitglieder@afra-berlin.de is a closed list, but doesn't fit. Not every member want to know and not everybody from the community is on it
  • We don't want another mailing list.
  • If we blame someone online we may or may not get into legal troubles.
  • Please be careful about public informations on the afra@ml!
  • And als the wiki with personal sensitive information. Don’t put names or nicks next to accusations online.
  • Anything on the public mailing list will never go away

Summarize which everybody agree: If you kick someone out of the AfRA:

  • write a mail “I kicked someone out” (please no names)
  • add a topic to the next plenum: “I kicked someone out” (please no names)

TOP 4 - How to exclude persons from the AfRA community permanent (aka ban)?

help needed to summarize