Protocol writer: Lux, zotan
Start: 20:15
End: 22:11
Attendance: Lux, zotan, yaya, lis, nikky, embr, stephie, partikel, erincandescent, nobody, yuka, segfault, spacekatia, lynxis, multi, qyliss

TOP 1 - card terminal for drinks (what’s needed to make it work legally, is this wanted by the community?) (zotan)

tl;dr: Capitalism bad!!!

Discussion consensus is clearly that we're not doing this, so the discussion pivoted towards alternative solutions to the accessibility and convenience problems of the current systems


  • Mate-pad (electronic balance tracking system) - we could even shitpost and build a custom rfid/nfc payment system with a pad that looks like a generic EMV pad (with 4 leds and a satisfying beep) that links to the mate-pad account and deducts 1.50eur (zotan will attempt to build this)
  • Poker-chips of "negative money" to easily remind you how many drinks' worth of money you owe
  • Ask other present people if you can send them money (SEPA transfer, PayPal, etc.) and they put cash into the pot for you

We will write down the extensive political problems with supporting Card Payment Processors directly and refer to the text in the wiki on the fridge with the text "why we don't accept card payments" (alyssa and embr will do this, zotan will print the thing for the fridge afterwards)

For events we could still do privately organized card/bank payments, this is unrelated to the discussion. However, please don't bring a card reader to AfRA without discussing it with the Plenum.

TOP 2 - Cleaning of the Space (Lux)

We need more signs to make clear that everyone should clean the Toilet after they make a mess!

At next plenum we maybe want to discuss about a vacuum cleaner.

Please tell everyone in AfRA for the next weeks to clean up after themselves.

TOP 3 - Speakers / Audio Setup (Lux & Segfault)

Does AfRA want to pay 400€ for Amps?

⇒ Consensus is that we do want this!

TOP 4 - Chairs (Lux)

Lux wants to pay up to 1000€ for pilable chairs (10 chairs, in 2 piles of 5). Will they be used? Do we have too much money?

⇒ Consensus is that we do want chairs!

TOP 5 - Final opportunity for voicing concerns regarding end of hybrid plenums

People like it to see more people in the Space. It remains important to remember not everyone in the community can come to plenums. If people have topics it can still be possible to remote-join a plenum for a topic, if it has been announced in advance. People can (and should) write statements in before plenums.

some questions for the room:

who wants to end hybrid plenums? → ~8 hands up

who is against this? → 0 hands up

who wants to allow certain topics to be hybrid? → ~ almost everyone

who is against this? → 0 hands up