Protocol writer: yuka
Start: 21:18
End: 22:17
Attendance: yuka, erin, lux, yaya

TOP 0: Info on Audio setup (lux)

We have speakers, we have amps, some features work, some don't.
"Some anti-features also work" - amps turn off after 20 minutes of not loud enough music
_⇒ still work in progress_

TOP 1: MatePad/AfRApay regular status update (zotan, embr)

zotan and embr are not here, _but_ we wanted to note that multiple groups have started developing a mate pad solution.
People should maybe talk with each other.

TOP 2: What is AfRA about? No to "party culture"? (Lux)

We have a small plenum. We don't make any decisions regarding this topic at this plenum, or the next one.

reference to satzung… satzung has a description of what afra had been about at one point. "I do not want to be the c-base (or CCCB / X-Hain)" Some members are not happy anymore about what afra has become. Not singular things happening, but the overall mood shifting. "I want afra to be a bit more about being a hackerspace again, and less 'party culture'." Music, tinkering with synthesizer, are very much within the hacking topic, and can be .

There is a big difference for why we have a party. Related to something else related to hacking (hacking event with afterparty), or just for the sake of the party. What should people expect to find at afra when coming by? Afra should be a public space when it's open, with exceptions. When it's public, we are representing the afra.

At AfRA C3 some things got spicy, and other people would not have come for that reason.

One person mentions that it's important to notice that we have a community in AfRA that is into "party culture". And it's a question if this should/have to happen in AfRA. And we have different kinds of people in AfRA: People who are into "party culture", and people who don't feel comfortable with that.

For one person it's ok if AfRA is "wild", if it's announced on the mailing list. Someone notices that this is what has been agreed upon. This "works". But for some people this does not fully solve the problem.

Question: Have there been unannounced partys?

Partys leave traces. Not only tidying up. But visual things that remember people that "party culture" things happen in AfRA is disturbing for some.

Another question is how we handle party ingredients in the Space. These have not been clearly labeled in ways everyone understands. This is not nice. It should be labeled more clearly.

It is not only about parties. Not about any specific person or group, but generally, it is a problem when the general mood at AfRA changes because of groups of people seeing this as their 'extended living room'.

The logical consequence of what AfRA is, a diverse space, about hacking, … is that we have quite many queer chaos people hanging around here, and then AfRA a bit becoming about relationships.

So, how do we avoid AfRA becoming about the relationships? People come to AfRA for hacking, …, and then end up in relationships.

Larger poly groups come here, not for hacking, but just to hang out. Which is not by itself a problem, but when the hacking part gets lost, it is.

It is problematic, that there is a very tightly integrated group, who dominate the space. Comparison: If we had a sports team, who were always coming to AfRA after their sports practise, this would be a similar problem. Usually, when people are at AfRA,

Do we all agree on this: At any moment when you're at AfRA, you should consider that a random person walking in should feel comfortable. And also consider that other people feel comfortable with other things than yourself.

What are our shared values? This is a very diffucult topic, but we have to talk about it!

One interesting Thing: Do we have a shared value, if people should be open about (their) "party culture" habits? Some people want to show this, other feel uncomfortable about this.

A problem is that the AfRA community is very diverse. Would we only have "hacking" as common ground? We would end up being CCCB or any other Hackerspace.

A positive approach: AfRA could be about Hacking and so that queer people feel comfortable, up to the amount that other people feel uncomfortable. Probably other people would be very against this view? Because queer people already have to hide in other places. "The straights have many other places to go" could be an argument. But: not only straight people feel uncomfortable

But we have more common values other than hacking. Politics is another one. _hint at the the antifa flag_. It is a value that we are a queer friendly. _In favor of open "party culture" habits_ is not a common value of all the people of the space. There is a statistical link, but probably not a causality.

Sometimes if there are new people here, it would be a normal things to ask about pronouns, and thats very nice and a practival example of our shared value of queer-friendlyness people would like to preserve. Another thing is if you come in here and people tell about their "party culture" habits.

The people here are not very sure about their own opinions, but want to figure out by talking and collecting different views.

People did feel uncomfortable about people having Sex in AfRA.

At Entropia there is the rule "The pants stay on". Do we need more clear rules?

"It should be common sense to not fuck in the AfRA"

We need to continue this discussion at other Plenums, with people with other opinions.

TOP 3: Should we give our drink delivery people a key? (Lux)

We don't have a relevant amount of money stored. It would make organizing the delivery easier. They prefer to deliver in the morning, and this makes it hard to find an appointment and someone to accept the delivery. We can give them a token that is revocable anytime we want. We could take additional measures with the token, like disabling it outside the delivery time frame. It's a professional company.

To get the opinions of the people present: In favor / Against / No opinion: 3 / 0 / 1 This has *not* been decided. We will make a decision at a future Plenum.