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07.06.2013: Algorithmic Music in a Box
14.06.2013: The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk

Wednesdays from 20:00h: Assembly
Fridays from 20:00h room 3.07: Talks
Fridays from 20:00h room 3.08: Open Hacking night


You can contact us via


Herzbergstraße 55
10365 Berlin

Getting there

Tram M8, 21, 37, Bus 256
Stop Herzbergstr./Siegfriedstr.

The Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung (AFRA) is a smoke-free hackerspace in Berlin. Its name "AFRA" is the german version of "department of redundancy department", or "DORD" for short.

We are in Room 3.07 in Herzbergstraße 55. You may find us as described here.

The AFRA is still under construction. We still need to acquire various things, sort out some organisational issues and we have general todos, until we are fully functional. Currently, we are not yet a registered association but just a small group of people, thus we are dependent of financial support all the more.

We want to give talks. What would you like, about what can you give one yourself? Otherwise, we already have the first projects. Who has another one, just create a page.

Registered wiki users may have a look at internal internal information here (for externals: don't panic, that is just bureaucratic foo). Accounts are available via zeltophil.

Current space status (open/closed): (has caching problems, to see the current status reload this page bypassing your browser cache (shift-F5 or similar, see your browser documentation))