Zweimal im Monat – jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat, und am 18. eines jeden Monats – treffen sich die Afranten, um über Neuigkeiten zu berichten, Dinge, die Entscheidungen erfordern, zu besprechen und organisatorische Dinge zu klären. Diese Themen, i.A. "Tagesordnungspunkte" genannt, heißen laut Beschluss des ersten Plenums "χάος*", sprich "Chaos-Sternchen".
Protokolliert wird gewöhnlicherweise in diesem Pad.

Neue Themen bzw. Tagesordnungspunkte sollten mindestens 48 Stunden vor dem Plenum der Agenda hinzugefügt werden.

Twice a month – on the first Wednesday of each month, and on the 18th of each month – the Afrants meet to report news, discuss matters requiring decisions, and clarify organizational matters. These topics, called "agenda items", are called "χάος*", pronounced "chaos stars", according to the decision of the first plenum.
Minutes are usually taken in this Pad.

Topics should be added at least 48 hours before the plenum.

Topics for the next Plenum

Termin: Mittwoch, 03.04.2024, 20:00 Uhr
Date: Wednesday, 2024-04-03, 20:00h


  • Code of Conduct (Morn)
    • make some kind of infographic/poster about our shared values and what kind of behavior we want and do not want at AFRA
    • once we have a version that people are happy with, we could put it on the wall + the wiki
    • continuous process, improve it over time
  • rotate lost&found

Topics for a future plenum:

  • Additional house rules for afra (ciko)

Information for the protocol writer


Alternatively, pandoc can automatically convert markdown to dokuwiki syntax:

$ pandoc -f markdown -t dokuwiki -o text.markdown
  • If you use this, please pay attention to whether decisions are formatted properly according to the template