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You can contact us via


Margaretenstraße 30
10317 Berlin

The Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung (AFRA) is an open, cozy and smoke-free hackerspace in Berlin. Its name "AfRA" is the german version of "department of redundancy department". We aim to provide a comfortable atmosphere for hacking, organising, soldering and general social evenings.

We have an "open evening" every Friday at 20:00, where it sometimes gets quite busy. But you're generally welcome to come by, if someone is around and the space is open.

Registered wiki users may have a look at internal internal information here. Accounts are available via zeltophil.

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Station S+U Lichtenberg
S-Bahn Lines: S5, S7, S75;
U-Bahn Lines: U5
Tram-Lines: 21, 37
Bus-Lines: 108, 240, 256, 296; N5, N50, N94
Regional Trains: RB12, RB24, RB25, RB26
EuroNight 452/453 (Moskau–Paris)