Start: 20:12

End: 21:45


lux, bibor, kunsi, Lauren, zotan, Mitch, nikky, Yrrsinn, Marco hexchen (text-only), spacekatia, gpcf

TOP 1: Follow Up

TOP 1.1: Zweitplenum

  • Old Action Item: Lux and Yrrsinn will go away and present a new plan next plenum

We have the first wednesday every month already as plenum date. We suggest the 18th every month at the second plenum date.

Resolution: We now have two plenums. They are equally important.

TOP 1.2 Keys

  • Old Action Item - Vorstand
    • Find out a way to find out who has physical keys
  • Old Action Item - “New Key Issueing Act” group:
    • Bibor, spacekookie, hexchen will draft the rules and announce the policy

bibor: there is a pad

we want a new process to hand out key: 2 key holders can vouch for a new key holder. the new key holder should introduce themself at a plenum and after that can get a key.

lauren: something is wrong with the mailing list, they can not apply for it

we talk about a grace period

  • Old Action Item - find out technical details of key system
    • spacekookie and hexchen will find out how the system works
    • Present information at the next plenum

Resolution: We have 2-3 people who will give out keys that we re-elect every year or when someone drops out.

Resolution: we need a list of everyone who has a key and what type of key. the implementation is up to the key masters. The list must be stored securely and only accessible to the key masters and Vorstand.

  • Action Item There will be a “call for key masters” on the mailing list. (kunsi)
  • Action Item Re-write the Schlüsselvertrag so it’s also in english. (kunsi / laura / lauren)
  • Action Item Write a how-to for handing and revoking keys so the key masters can hand out keys
  • Action Item Add additions to the draft (bibor)

TOP 2: Music @ Afra and Equipment

  • there are many people in the afra, who make music
  • join them!
  • Laur* and kookie want to buy equpipment
    • ???
    • cost: ~1000€
    • search for financing
    • action item call for money will be sent to the mailinglist (laura&lauren)

TOP 3: Finance

  • we don’t have any information about the current financial situation of afra e.v.
  • we want to have
  • Action Item bully kookie to report financials at the next plenum (laura, lauren, lux)
  • Action Item make vorstand attend the next plenum (laura, lauren)

TOP 4: Curtain

  • people want to put a curtain between both rooms of afra
  • to block sound and view
  • action item lux pays for it?


  • turn the heat off before you leave!
  • clean up your and (other’s) mess before you leave!