Protocol writers: mitch, zotan
Start: 20:45
End: 22:15
Attendance: zotan, kunsi, daria, mitch, nikky, (linda), yrrsinn, lux, lynxis, multi, alissa, stephie, segfault, nsdos

TOP -1: New keys


  • ⇒ vouched by lux & nikky


  • ⇒ vouched by kunsi & nikky

TOP 0: Followup

Followup: keycontract now has nickname field (zotan)

  • zotan updated the keycontract to now include a nickname field

Followup: hygiene rules for hackerspace open day event (mitch)

  • The current rules in Berlin, which went into effect today, are somewhat confusing.
  • We will follow the rules to the best of our understanding.
  • ⇒ We will ask people to check in with the CWA, or alternatively write down their nick and email on a piece of paper. If the CWA registers an infection, someone will inform alissa, who will contact all people on the piece of paper.
  • ⇒ there was a long divisive discussion about the overall state of events in the afra, therefore the rest of this plenum was postponed. there were multiple emotional points made. the discussion did not reach a consensus.