Protocol writer: zotan
Start: 20:20
End: 21:09
Attendance: zotan, lynxis, yrrsinn, multi, lux, partikel, lassulus, qyliss, embr, erin, bibor, spacekookie

TOP 1 - shelf/rack (lynxis)

  • lynxis would like to get a budget of 500 Euro to build a shelf/rack. This will happen in December. Idea is to replace the old wobble shelfs on the wall where the DDD printers are.
  • ⇒ consensus was reached - new shelf will be built and paid for by the AfRA

TOP 2 - social media team, afra edition (yrrsinn)

  • which accounts do we have?
  • who has access to these accounts?
  • do we have an idea how to merge all the existing things in a coherent social media strategy? (business talk ;)
  • https://twitter.com/afra_berlin do we still want to use twitter?
  • we need a team to take care of this!
  • lynxis would volunteer, but not alone (please write to me please)
  • spacekookie is the international marketing director for the afra
  • spacekookie will send lynxis the credentials
  • lux also does not volunteers
  • yrrsinn also does not volunteers

TOP 3 - afraC3 update (zotan)

  • Between the 27th of december (2022) and the 1st of january (2023) there will be cozy people in the AfRA for a congress replacement event that will slowly melt into a new year's party
  • There will probably be tschunk and definitely chill music for most of that time
  • If you're not at HIP or another event happening in this time period - feel free to join us!

TOP 4 - <del>bibor's</del> hdmi microscope (lynxis)

  • bibor takes our lovely hdmi microscope away.
  • lets buy a hdmi microscope for the afra
  • task: bibor will tell us which to buy
  • ⇒ moved to the next plenum with a concrete thing to buy for x $$$

TOP 5 - Speakers (lux, segfault)

  • Lux and SEGFAULT will buy good speakers for the AfRA
  • The current speaker situation is quite problematic for many use cases
  • We want to replace the system with a mostly analog system (read: no network transport)
  • ⇒ consensus to spend 200€ for good speakers

TOP 6 - New Lock (lux)

  • Our current lock is driven via bluetooth. This is not *always* reliable.
  • Lux says that X-Hain (another hackerspace in Berlin) has the same model of lock and has worked out how to attach a cable for wired operation.
  • Lux would like to buy a new lock for about 150€ as a testbed for adding cables to the lock
  • lynxis says that there might be a spare lock (previously belonging to Yrrsinn) in the AfRA already. Lux has not been able to find this spare lock.
  • Yrrsinn and lynxis will look for the spare lock. If we find it within 2 weeks, Lux will use the spare, otherwise we will buy a new one (150 €).

TOP 7 - Key Reset (lux)

  • 1 year grace period is probably enough
  • ⇒ consensus is reached - we delete the old keys

TOP 8 - call for talks on Fridays (bibor)

  • we should have talks again on fridays, which we used to have
  • we need topics to talk about and workshops would be nice too
  • people reading this - if you have a nice thing to talk about, be it 5 minutes or multiple hours - do it! announce it!
  • bibor agreed to give a nice talk until end of January
  • There is a mailinglist vortragsorga@afra-berlin.de who needs more people to be subscribe to organize the talks
  • Lux agreed to open the afra on Fridays

TOP 9 - key for zeltophil

  • lynxis vouched
  • yrrsinn vouched
  • lux vouched
  • ⇒ zeltophil will keep a key to the afra

TOP 10 - key for lassulus

  • lux, bibor, lynxis vouch for lassulus
  • ⇒ lassulus keeps their key.

TOP 11 - AfRA cloaks on Hackint IRC

  • ⇒ Lassulus, qyliss, and multi will take care of this