Protocol writer: zotan
Start: 20:10
End: 20:51
Attendance: zotan, yuka, embr, jana, SEGFAULT, stephie, kookie, partikel, XenGi, yaya, Lux

TOP 1 - Should we stop doing hybrid/remote plenums? (lux, kookie)

  • Lux would like to stop hybrid/remote plenums
  • We already once had, a long time ago, allegedly, the consensus that we don't really want this
  • Generally, plenums should be local, it's a nicer atmosphere
  • We usually have enough people on site
  • Opinions on this topic seem to be diverse
  • Maybe local plenums from e.g. march onwards?
  • Other options for online participation? For example, shared video games, WorkAdventure, etc
  • Historically the space was cleaned during/after a plenum
  • Remote communication is hard
  • We should try to post TOPs on the website in time for the reminder email script to pick them up (44 hours before plenum, just past midnight on the day before)
  • Short / info topics (e.g. <5 minutes) could still be spontaneous if required
  • SEGFAULT proposes we continue hybrid plenums til the end of the year, with a transition period where the first plenum of the month is hybrid, the second is in-person only, til e.g. february
  • ⇒ Strong consensus on most TOPs being announced on the wiki/ML beforehand
  • ⇒ Trial / transition period on the resumption of in person plenums, Most people in favor, some against. Concerns may be raised at the first plenum of the month which will remain hybrid until the end of February

TOP 2 - afraC3 update (zotan)

  • Drinks order will be organized
  • Status new sound system: speakers are on the way, but won't arrive in time, other PA will be organized

TOP 3 - hard drives afra-core (yuka)

  • Two hard drives in afra-core are broken (read: no more redundancy)
  • Anyone who has the capacity to do this should replace the broken ones
  • 4x2TB, 2 broken
  • In a second step we can think about expanding the array
  • This is time critical
  • SEGFAULT has two 2TB drives and will coordinate to get them to the afra and install them
  • XenGi offers offsite backup space (69 TB) - nice

These are the harddrives that have failed:

  Model Family:     Seagate Surveillance
  Device Model:     ST2000VX000-9YW164
  Serial Number:    W240WA30
  User Capacity:    2,000,398,934,016 bytes [2.00 TB]
  Model Family:     Western Digital Green
  Device Model:     WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0
  Serial Number:    WD-WCAZAF006362
  User Capacity:    2,000,398,934,016 bytes [2.00 TB]

TOP 4 - key for Jana

  • zotan and embr vouch for jana
  • ⇒ jana gets a key

TOP 5 - key for yaya

  • yuka and spacekookie vouch for yaya
  • ⇒ yaya gets a key