Protocol writer: zotan
Start: 20:39
End: 21:03
Attendance: zotan, V, stephie, lilian, partikel, sio, terra, gari, lynxis

AfRApay regular status update (zotan, embr)

tl;dr: we have ADHD, please wait warmly

long version: we're working on it, prototypes are being made, software is being written (slowly), PCBs might eventually get designed, we're working on it, we promise c:

Key for our drink supplier (lux, lynxis)

Lux would like to give our drink supplier a key, that would make things simpler.

The plan would be to give them a digital key / rfid token, not a physical key

The plenum suggests a digital key might be hard to operate, especially for closing it up, maybe we need a bigger button for closing? Or a physical key after all?

We would need to know that the delivery person knows how to close the space properly.

Stephie volunteers to get a bigger "close/lock" button

⇒ Consensus reached, drinks person will get a key if they can lock the space back up properly

Re: Instructions in case of police raid (enbyfoxen, sio)

(Sio) Does the Afra have a preferred lawyer or list of lawyers in case of police raid?

We should get one or more lawyers who knows what the AfRA is, how it works, how to interact with it, that we can call in case of a raid

We could ask the FAU for advice

We would need a Strafverfolgungsanwalt for this purpose

We could also try asking the CCC or people at the the CCCB for lawyer recommendations

There is a checklist for what to do in case of police at the door in the shelf to the right of the door, and a tl;dr version on the door

What we need to ask for is the emergency number of a lawyer

plenum organizational stuff (meta I guess; sio)

We should have a designated person who moderates the plenum and advances us along the TOP list, but it would be good if these were two positions and were formally agreed upon at the start of the plenum

There is more documentation about these roles in the last plenum

Repaircafe (lynxis)

Lynxis wants to do a repair cafe (you can bring your broken devices and people will try to help you repair them) next week, if anyone wants to help please contact lynxis