Protocol Writer: sio
Start: 20:22
End: 20:54
Attendance: sio, lis, enbyfoxen, kiwi, gari, erincandescent, stephie, multi, nikky, xea

TOP 1: key for xea, lux vouching in absentia

vouched by lux, enbyfoxen, sio → xea gets a key

TOP 2: Contributing AfRA Money to CCCamp µBER (AfRA & CCCB Village) expenses. Discussion only for now. (enbyfoxen)

Likely total expenses for stuff like renting a tent, tables, transport costs from afra & cccb, additional misc costs for tape, lights etc. We’ve got about 1350EUR in private donations, of a total presently at 2450EUR.

Proposal: the Afra donates about EUR500. Being an e.V., the Afra may only retain a certain amount of donation money to retain it’s tax exempt status. Thus spending some amount from the money the Afra currently has (plenty) is probably a good idea. there should be proper documentation (e.g. invoices) for it so it can be properly on the books

Should we put something on the mailing list to see if anybody has veto or interest in the village etc.? Yes, and enbyfoxen has offered to send said mail.

There’s a Matrix group for planning the village. Anybody who wants an invite to it can ask enbyfoxen, lux, or anybody else involved in the village so far.

No veto for funding from anybody present at the plenum.

TOP 3: Fire safety (lis)

Given the recent fire at Pixelbar and somebody recently leaving a soldering iron on, fire safety is something to be looked at.

We have: a fire extinguisher that’s expired six years ago, and no smoke detectors (sio: we’re legally obligated to have smoke detectors, and to install them).

Suggestion: get smoke detectors that can contact someone in case of fire.

Suggestion: get something that’ll timed disable the soldering irons, or disable fire hazards when the space is closed.

We should replace the fire extenguisher in the couch room of the Afra. We should preferably get a new one that’s suitable for extinguishing a grease fire (especially for the kitchen). Proposal: get an ABF extinguisher, which ought to cover everything that could happen at the Afra. Also, should be foam instead of powder. Specifically, we should get a special extinguisher for the kitchen because apparently fire blankets suck at extinguishing grease fires.

Price point: ABF fire extinguisher 80-90EUR. We should also find a company that will actually maintain the fire extinguisher so we don’t have to think about replacing it every two years.

Plenum decision: yes, we should get a set of fire extinguishers for the Afra. We could contact the company that made the fire extinguisher we’ve already got? They might also do smoke detectors.

Proposal: have a specific fire safety introduction for the Afra. Stuff like not creating fire hazards.