Protocol Writer: sio
Start: 20:45
End: 21:10
Attendance: alina, xea, clerie, enbyfoxen, stephie, erincandescent, lulu, sio, lis, xeno

TOP 1: Keeping the space status indicator correct (enbyfoxen)

The space state indicator has been wrong the past month or so. The problem has resolved itself. Stephie has volunteered to take the power strip out back and shoot it if it becomes a problem again. She will not, however, supply a replacement power strip.

TOP 2: 3D printers: more/how? (xeno)

xeno has more 3D printers than they actually need/want. Do we want more and/or better 3D printers? xeno has a CR20Pro that the afra could have.

stephie has offered to take care of the donated printer.

Having two printers instead of one might come in handy anyway, if only to fix the existing 3D printer.

xeno will bring the 3D printer into the afra at some point, where it will be placed next to the existing one.

TOP 3: slightly rearranging the main space and adding extra shelving (enbyfoxen)

We've acquired a nice new couch table that doesn't fit into the current space design.

We could remove the big desk behind the couch from it's current position, where it is primarily used as a shelf, and use that space for the sofa space. We could use it to replace our shitty kitchen table with a less shitty one (we do need to raise it a bit, though, to get the right height).

TOP 4: Fixing/replacing existing shelving (enbyfoxen)

Some of our shelves are _slightly_ unstable.

We could replace the not-so-stable shelves in the workspace room with shelves hung off the wall if the wall can hold the weight?

lynxis apparently has an option for less bad shelves, but transport would have to be organized?

Some extra storage near the couches might be an idea?

Decision: shelf in the printer niche.

TOP 5: Repairing and buying more euro boxes (enbyfoxen)

Some of our Euroboxes have been damaged in the course of CCCamp. We should probably repair them, however: - Where do we get parts? - What's that cost? - Who would do it?

We could also buy a few extra boxes once we have the extra storage space to have more boxes?

We want the nice lids.

Enbyfoxen is offering to deal with assembling and repairing boxes, but needs someone to order & funding (which will have to be talked to Vorstand about and okayed by Plenum).

We could also reassign currently empty boxes to people who would like to have them? We should probably make it so every person who's regularly at Afra has the option of having a box.

Maybe we should have short-term project boxes? Short-term as in "less than a year", this being the afra.

No objections to boxes and dealing with furniture.

TOP 6: The Mate Crisis (sio)

We are out of mate again. I think we should annoy lux about this, given he should know.

enbyfoxen: we should have non-caffeinated drinks.

Chabeso is desired by multiple people as a non-caffeinated drink to be available. Also Amdudler. We want ALMDUDLER.

We're doing an emergency supply run to the Rewe to get more mate, but generally we should have drinks. We're even returning some Pfand!